The following are some of the new ideas we are working on. We are looking for investment and development partners to help us work on some of these.  Many of them have already been largely conceptualized and are well within reach. Please feel free to contact us with any interest (

Engineered and samples being built.  Seeking commercialization solution:  Solar PV grounding spring that will dramatically lower the up-front and applied costs for the grounding of solar PV modules.

Concepted.  Seeking engineering refinement:  A low cost 1500+ VDC solar PV module connection splice that will dramatically improve string combining power performance and lower overall system costs.

Concepted.  Seeking engineering refinement:  A low cost solar PV string combining and monitoring solution largely leveraging already existing components that will dramatically lower string combining costs.

Concepted.  Seeking engineering refinement:  A low cost “direct to foil” interconnect for connecting solar PV modules together that will dramatically improve overall system cost and reliability.

At early conception.  Seeking software development: A non-profit cottage industry solar PV investment platform that provides a simple and inexpensive funding collection point for funding community based solar PV installations.

Concepted.  Funding samples:  A low cost emergency power 150W PV kit that would provide battery backup, potable water and lighting to disaster  areas and third world countries.


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